A Giant Collective Shoutout

Welcome back to Thrive Updates! My name is Amanda and I’m so happy to be writing for you guys once more. The social media team has taken a short – very short – break from blogging recently because we’ve been documenting the awesome live moments of our journey in Nepal.  Be sure to check out the vlogs that I have made for you here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpyCyLj4Yb60nrbnzGqfARw

As mentioned in the title of the blog, this update will be dedicated to all of our fans, followers, advisors and donors. Without them, Thrive Projects would have never taken off. We want to take a moment to recognize and thank you all for putting your faith in us. Support comes in all shapes and sizes and we appreciate every ounce of love you’ve given us. Imagine this update as a huge bear hug…we love you guys!


The shoutouts below are in no particular order of importance:


To Linda Hartsock and Blackstone Launchpad at Syracuse University:

Linda, our honorary mom and the backbone of our support system, thank you for helping us devise our business plan and doing more than we could ever ask to get this project up and running.


To Dr. Joel Howard, a professor at SUNY ESF:

We couldn’t have started this project without your technical expertise and continuous reminders of: “what other option do they have?” Thank you for always bringing us back to our purpose.


To Sean Branagan and Out There Productions:

Thank you for making our first explainer video. Our media started with you!


To Steve Suhowatsky:

There aren’t enough words in the world to express how much you mean to us. You believed in this project when no one else did and provided us all your contacts in Syracuse and in Nepal. Thank you!


To Narottam Aryal and Kings College:

Thank you for sharing your incubator lab with us and for providing us a platform at the First International Conference on Social Entrepreneurship. You make us look good.


To Santoshi Rana, the founder of Bihani Social Venture:

You showed us that to create change, it has to be community driven. Thank you for introducing us to countless communities and helping us make many friends across Nepal.



Thank you for inviting us to co-found the first Leap Hub in Nepal. Together we are exposing high school aged kids to leadership, character building, and critical vocational skills.


To Danny Illand, computer scientist at UC Santa Barbara:

The man who inspired us to turn the SPARK System into a global vision. Thank you for your unlimited helping hand.


To Climate Reality Project NEPAL and director Phurpa Lama:

We are so grateful we were able to co-organize the first Sustainable Solutions Workshop here in Kathmandu, Nepal with you. Thank you for believing in us.


To the entire community of Siddhipur, Nepal:

Thank you for welcoming us in with open arms and creating a successful, sustainable model for education in Nepal.


To Matatirtha Old Age Home and the Women’s Empowerment Group:

We are indebted to your hospitality and for showing us that old dogs can most definitely learn new tricks.


To Luna Shrestha Thakku, founder of ChangeFusion:

Thank you for your thoughtful advice, unending support, strong friendship, and countless connections.


To Karma Wangyal, our Thrive Nepal coordinator:

We are beyond thankful for your honesty, hard work, integrity and constant dedication to the cause.


To Tsering Sangmo, our Thrive Nepal team member:

Thank you so much for your hard work and critical negotiating skills. You make our lives a little easier.


Finally, to all of our advisors we have met along the way, back home in Syracuse and in Nepal:

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

As always, one last shoutout goes out to the social media team back in Syracuse.


Please feel free to connect with us through Facebook and Twitter. We want to get to know you. Also, we’d appreciate any and all donations on our Gofundme site. Thank you!




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