Introducing Ryan Brinkerhoff

Hey Thrivers! On the last day of co-founder Ryan Brinkerhoff’s deployment for the Power Nepal Initiative, he was interviewd by Leo M. from Karuna Outdoor, an online community where people share their passions for the outdoors and traveling. Check out his two part interview through the provided links below and don’t forget to share it with[…]

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Reconnecting with Glitch Societies

Hello readers of Thrive Project Updates! This week we are bringing you something a little different. Rather than our weekly blogs, this week we present to you founder Brian Kam’s Tedx Talk at Tedx Syracuse University. In his Tedx Talk, Brian speaks about his experiences in Nepal and how they inspired him to found Thrive Project.[…]

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A Giant Collective Shoutout

Welcome back to Thrive Updates! My name is Amanda and I’m so happy to be writing for you guys once more. The social media team has taken a short – very short – break from blogging recently because we’ve been documenting the awesome live moments of our journey in Nepal.  Be sure to check out[…]

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Jumpstarting Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship

नमस्ते (namastē), readers of Thrive Project updates! My name is Amanda and I am back on the blog this week with some announcements on our recent activity in the village of Siddhipur, Nepal.   Brian, Ryan, and Emily have been working incredibly hard on the ground this past week launching the education program in Siddhipur[…]

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THRIVE IS ALIVE: from Syracuse, New York to Siddhipur, Nepal

  Welcome back to Thrive Project updates, dear readers. My name is Amanda and I am working with the social media team to keep you in the know with everything that is happening right now at Thrive Project. And we’ve been busy. Really busy. Travelling approximately 7500 miles across the world busy. As Brian mentioned[…]

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Welcome to the Thrive Project

On April 25, 2015 Nepal was hit by an earthquake, Gorkha, which devastated not only Nepal but the surrounding areas as well. As a result of Gorkha, 8,712 people have perished from the initial quake, flash floods, and after shocks; while 21,952 people have been injured. The vast majority of Nepal’s infrastructure is in ruin[…]

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