Celebrating Recent Milestones in Nepal

Celebrating Recent Milestones in Nepal
By Amanda Chou
November 21, 2016

नमस्ते (namastē)! This is Amanda and I am back to share with you all some quick updates on our most recent activity in and around Kathmandu.

First of all, we want to join the entire Kathmandu community in celebrating the successful reconstruction of the historic Boudhanath Stupa located in the heart of the capital city. This incredible monument has been the cultural center of the community and a reminder to visitors of the love shared here for generations.

In the time Co-Founders Brian and Ryan spent in Nepal this summer, the space fondly known as Boudha served as their home as well. It was a consistent backdrop for submersing in the local culture, joining hundreds in their daily Koras, and productive meetings at Himalayan Java. From Syracuse to Nepal, we welcome the progress made in Boudha as a symbol to all of Nepal – together, we are coming back better and stronger.


However, as we celebrate this milestone, we remember that many communities surrounding Kathmandu remain in great need. To these areas, our team at Thrive wants you to know that our efforts continue, and are seeing positive results. For instance, our local team in Siddhipur has recently taken our signature SPARK System and adapted it into their SPARK System.

Our local team leaders Raskin and Wangyal informed us that a group of our students stripped down one of the systems that they built to install streetlights in Siddhipur. The students deconstructed the box and ran the solar panels directly from nearby roofs to connect three streetlamps that remain in use today.

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Using the running themes of our project and mission, students were able to create something even greater than Thrive’s original product. This is a huge milestone for us, and we are so incredibly happy and proud that the SPARK System is able to not only light up classrooms in Dhulikel, but also light up the streets of Siddhipur. We are even prouder of the innovative students who made it happen.

We continue to believe that the strength of this system is that it’s flexible and accessible enough so that any community in any location can construct and apply it to any issue that they face, so long as they believe it is possible. Locally sourced parts and locally run education programs breed locally developed and sustainable solutions. With these results, and with this belief, we are excited to announce today that Thrive Projects will be launching two additional local initiatives this winter, locations to be determined at a later date. Stay tuned for more updates!

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And most importantly, for those communities still struggling to recover, remember that together, we Live, Learn, Thrive.

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