Creating SPARKs: Installing more systems in Janaki Nagar

Creating SPARKs: Installing more systems in Janaki Nagar

By Karma Wangyal

December 11, 2017

A couple of months ago, we were introduced to the Janaki Nagar community by one of our partners Global Peace Foundation Nepal. When we touched down the community for the first time we were shocked to see the condition of the people and the village there. Our partner had been working in the community to uplift the life standard of the community through education and health. We are privileged to work with them and being able to light up the village where there were no lights at all.

When we were there for the first time they had no electricity at all, it is not that the electricity is not easily accessible but the fact is they couldn’t afford the electricity bill. They don’t make much money, little money they earn is hardly enough for them. They don’t really like to think about spending extra money on the other things besides their basic needs. So even if the village is dark and hard to travel around at night, they don’t really care about the problem. They are not only financially weak but also education and awareness as well and that is why our partners have taken the initiative to work on.

So back then in June 2017, Team Nepal travelled along with four members from Thrive USA, Joshua, Ryan, Amanda and Khalid, we installed two SPARK systems in the community to light up the village. With the help from Global Peace Foundation Nepal, the local partner Service for Peace and the villagers we successfully installed the system. Villagers were happy to have a light and we were happy too to be able to contribute and make them happy. But at the same time we felt that just two systems were not enough and we made up our mind that we will get one more system in the next visit.

Everything is a gradual process; nothing could be done overnight or at one shot. The first trip for us was great learning experience, knowing the people and community and the place. After we left the system, we faced different problems on it. It was a rainy season and somehow the rain got inside the bulbs and holders, and it was all rusted. We didn’t really think about it when we started the project. It’s always hard to jump into some different communities and trying to work there but big shout out to our local partner Service for Peace for making everything possible.

This time Thrive Nepal went to Terai with our very own brother, who’s been volunteering since the beginning Mr. Raskin Maharjan. He’s contributed a lot to us and it’s always pleasure having him in the team. Our motive in this trip was to install one more system and organize the previous ones that have been installed. Before, the two systems had burden of all the lights but this time we shared and divided into three systems adding few more bulbs. This will lessen the burden on the particular system and can be more productive with lesser light and more life. Overall the trip went well with successful installation of one more system.

By the way besides all these works Sarlahi is also a nice place to hang around and sunset in Terai is always a special thing.

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