For Terai

Only 2 years have passed since the Gorkha Earthquake struck, yet once more humanitarian efforts are called upon as the recent monsoon season has submerged and marooned thousands of villages in Nepal. With homes swept away and farms devastated, 16 million people across India, Bangladesh and Nepal now face forced displacement, food shortages, disease, and the memories of lost homes and family.

With thousands homeless and sleeping in the open as heavy rains continued to pour down, the Thrive Nepal team, along with partners (Global Peace Foundation Nepal and Service for Peace), began preparations for a collaborative trip. Thrive Nepal President Karma Wangyal and Executive Director Dorje Wangchuck were among the ground team that brought mattresses, food, and 10 solar systems (generously donated by Ayush Shrestha).

After visiting several of the villages and speaking with both the locals and the police force, which was coordinating the distribution of supplies, the trio of organizations completed its first on-the-ground assessment and have already begun planning for future trips.

With the death toll already closing in on a thousand, this number is expected to rise as overflown rivers are pouring into the valleys and weather reports project heavy rains to continue to fall throughout the region.

This in mind, the Thrive team would like to call you into action. With your donation, the Thrive Nepal team can continue to provide our signature SPARK units, provide basic first aid care, assist in making temporary shelters, but most importantly let the people of Nepal know that the Thrive family is ever growing around the world and is sending love their way.

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