New Year, Same Mission

New Year, Same Mission

By Dorje Wangchuck

In the first 3 months of 2018 Thrive Nepal has continued taking steps towards our mission. We trained 91 people with our Solar Powered Auxiliary Relief Kiosk (SPARK) training for people of various backgrounds in different geography of Nepal. The training has been a major part of the project and we aim to train more and more people so that we can spread this knowledge. This year, we are focusing more in educational institutions where people are ready to teach and learn.

One and half day travelling from Kathmandu, we went to a Newar settlement of Dhading and stayed there for 2 nights to train 39 individuals at Shree Bhariravi School. There has been talk about the training for months and it’s so nice to have people waiting to learn it. The desire to learn did made the difference in impact. As we were training at school, it’s obvious to expect children as our trainees but we had teachers and villagers too over there who wanted to get involved. The best part was to be able to include so many people from different walks of life. A sad reality that some teenagers walked more than 6 hours back and forth every day to attend 4 hour classes left us shaken. But this is the value of education!

For the second year in a row we worked with the students of Lincoln School, to train them to be trainers for another school on their service trip. SPARK training was given to 18 students at Lincoln School so that they could train more students with the same training. The goal was to begin the phenomena of spreading the knowledge and that went well. These 18 students from Lincoln School gave SPARK training to 32 students at Shree Sukute Basic School. In my understanding, learning by hands gave them a whole different perspective to the compared to what is taught with lectures.

But while training is one wing of Thrive Nepal, to help with Solar System installation is another one. This year, together with Lincoln School, we helped to install 6kW solar power system at Shree Sukute Basic School. The system is more than double powerful than the one we did previous year and will now be the primary source of power for laptop computers, fans and lighting at the school.

So, looking back at what Thrive Nepal did in the past 3 months, we have couple of projects that led us towards our goal. To simply do is one thing, but to do in such a way that it would have a continuing impact is another – yet, this is our mission. We look forward to creating more impact in the coming months.

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