Thrive Projects, Inc. prides itself on community sustainability. This sustainability starts by training a group of volunteers, whether they be students who have participated in our programs or simply those who wish to volunteer their time in order to help further the Thrive mission. These subsidiaries are then trained and guided in continuing Thrive’s work in their local community.


Thrive at Syracuse University

As the birthplace of Thrive Projects, Inc. the three co-founders have brought together students on campus that to this day continue to support the Thrive mission as Thrive at Syracuse University. Currently led by team leaders, Amanda Chou and Khalid Khan, Thrive at Syracuse University maintains a local awareness of the international and local work of Thrive Projects, Inc.

Point of Contact:


Amanda Chou

Thrive Nepal

The first nation that Thrive Projects, Inc. began operating in, as a result of the experiences of co-founder Brian Kam after the Ghorka Earthquake, 2015. Two years later in 2017, in country team leader, Karma Wangyal, now leads the officially registered and recognized, Thrive Projects Nepal. With outstanding results, Wangyal has helped Thrive Projects expand at an exponential rate in communities throughout the country.

Point of Contact:


Karma Wangyal

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